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Whats new in fmp since version 6?

Question asked by KevinBuckley on Mar 22, 2012
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Whats new in fmp since version 6?



This is my first post here, I'm a lapsed fmp developer. I was developing back when version 3 was out and continued up until version 6.

Since then I moved into IT support, although every job I've done since then has involved a filemaker database of some kind, they've always been running on fmp server 5 or 6.

I've just been offered an interview as a fmp developer, the company don't seem to mind that I'm not up to scratch with the latest versions, not sure I believe everything the recruitment guy is telling me though.

So, the reason for this post, what are the major new developments in filemaker since version 6? I'm sure there are LOTS.....