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Whats the best way to setting up my customer projects?

Question asked by StevenWilliams on Jan 2, 2014
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Whats the best way to setting up my customer projects?


       Right Now I have buttons within the customer Projects tab of each type of project. Example (button 1 = roofing / Button 2 = Siding and so on.. 8 project types pulling from the same product list Pending the Category.. I would like to have a list of selected Projects under my Buttons showing all the projects this Customer is doing or has done over the yrs. Each project has it's own table with layout of the project order. 

       My question is this: Is this a wise way of handling the projects or is it better to have it set up as enter a new project select the type (category) of project then have a button to click witch will open a project order base on the category? I want to have the Invoice set to the project base on the order # this customer could be doing more then I project at a time so I would like to be able to invoice the customer based on the Project # this way I can add as many projects to the Invoice as needed..

     Well I hope I didn't lose you all to bad..  Looking forward to everyone thoughts on this...

     Thanks Again