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When a record can play dual roles

Question asked by ninja on Oct 5, 2009
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When a record can play dual roles




Found myself in an interesting situation:


Context - Inventory management


Current setup (the pertinent tables best I can figure):


        Inventory prediction and allocation table = "MatManagement"

        Inventory summary table                      = "MatInv"  includes summary of all related weight sheets

        Weight sheets per lot                          = "weight sheets"  Includes Qty of material left per lot

        Transactions (Line Items)                     = "WSLI" 


MatManagement             MatInv           WeightSheets           WSLI

  MaterialID ----------- MaterialID        WSID---------------<WSID




Now a vendor sent material in that meets the specs for two different raw materials.  Didn't see that one coming (shame on me).


When I enter an order, the MatManagement looks through the formula, calculates that I need 20Kg of GlassA, compares to the quantity of GlassA in stock (MatInv),  and flags whether or not the order should begin manufacture, and if so creates a material request which allocates the material and lowers the available stock level (MatInv).  That works fine.  But I have 300Kg of material that meets spec for GlassA and also GlassA_milled.


What suggestions are there for how to count the 300Kg of glass toward both GlassA and GlassA_milled without creating erroneous flags saying that I can use 600Kg of glass?  I could stock 150Kg in each type, but that would allow a stock outage and reorder when it wasn't really to create a functional alias without a full redesign of structure (which would not be tolerated by the users at this point)?


Thanks for whatever thoughts you can offer.