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when creating new record, relational fields will have often some context.

Question asked by rasmuslaine on Sep 3, 2014
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when creating new record, relational fields will have often some context.


Hey ya all.

I have a Contact management database(starter solutions), which has been upgraded/expanded under recent years. 

There is 3 tables where I think the problem lies. Person table, Person-Company table and Company table. These tables are all linked/related. 

When you are creating new record in person layout you will get automatically in company related fields some existing companies data, when these fields should be blank. Former developer, who created this database, added possibility to create companies from persons layout and when you type in company division field it triggers a script which commits the company and division data. So in the same time you create a contact you can create company from same layout.

When you create a record there is no scripts running at that instance.(And I even deleted every script from the database, no changes)


The biggest problem is when creating record, when you change the company to another, it may change other existing person company details.

related Person-company table (aputaulu)

has fields

Company -> text (foreign key as company name)

Division -> text

Hlo_id -> text (Person foreign key)

hlo_name -> text

How should I solve this puzzle? I removed every data from person-company table from hlo_name field,
it works fine. And it's not even a foreign key table. I don't understand.