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When do I make a new table

Question asked by robrsla1 on Feb 3, 2010
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When do I make a new table


I currently have two files running my solution. A contacts file that holds my client's information and data and a projects file which holds and configures my projects. In my projects file I have to tables. Projects and tasks where all our projects are put together with data from our contacts file and assorted tasks and details of each project. All is working well and information is related and looking great. Here's the question. I'm at a point where I now want to set up a work order table wherein specific data from both projects/tasks and contacts can be blended together to create general work orders for distribution to crews in the field. Do I create a new file (work_orders) and relate it to projects and contacts or do I create a new table in "Projects" where most of the required infor is held and which is already related to contacts where the additional information is stored?


The question is, when does one create a new file vs. a new table within an extsting file.