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When portals don't behave as expected...

Question asked by cheathamtech on Dec 30, 2010
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When portals don't behave as expected...


I fear I'm beyond my level here... but I'm trying to develop a file for teachers to enter Lesson Plans.

I have the following tables:

PERSONNEL:  demographics of the teacher, etc.

SCHOOL:  the schools in the district

ASSIGNMENT:  the sections of courses the teachers are assigned to teach

TEXT:  the textbooks the teachers use to teach

COURSES:  the course catalog

PLAN:  the details of each plan...

STANDARDS:  each course has state mandated standards

If the program works as I hope, the teacher will login with a unique username/password, then go to a LAYOUT called CONTROL PANEL, where, among other choices, she will click on a button that will take her to a LAYOUT which contains a PORTAL which lists all the sections she has been assigned to teach.  From there she clicks on one of her sections and goes to a LAYOUT which allows her to enter standards for her course.  After she is finished entering her standards, she goes to a PLAN LAYOUT...  So far, so good..  BUT my problem comes when I tried to create a TAB inside the PLAN LAYOUT that contains a portal from the STANDARDS table that lists the standards the teacher entered in the earlier step, I'm getting nothing..  I've (quickly) exhausted my theories on why this isn't working...  Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated...