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when starting Filemaker prog, splash screen displays then prog shuts down.

Question asked by RobW on Nov 27, 2008
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when starting Filemaker prog, splash screen displays then prog shuts down.


I'm running Filemaker 9.03 on a Mac with OSX tiger.  The program has been working fine for about 3-4 weeks, but now when I try to start it the splash screen displays for about 3 seconds, disappears, and the program will not run (this happens when starting the databases we're using or starting FMP by itself).  I'm running this from an account with "Parental Controls" set up - the user has been "granted" permission to run the Filemaker app & the Permissions on the file/folder are correct (none of this has changed from when it was running correctly).  I can run Filemaker and the databases when logged in to the Admin account.  I also tried creating another "user" account (with Parental Control settings the same as the original account) and I CAN run it from that account.  I changed the original account to "allow user to Administer" - doesn't work.  I've re-installed FMP and the v03 update and set up privileges again - doesn't work from the original account, DOES work from Admin and the new account.  I have one other Mac (same OS) that's running one of the databases through the network, not set up with an "opener" database - it's set up to point to the database file & run it in it's own local copy of FMP - this still works.  I'm guessing that something has changed in this one user account that is keeping FMP from running - don't get any error messages, it just doesn't start!!


Don't have a clue at this point - any ideas would be appreciated!

Thanks, Rob