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When to use External FMP files?

Question asked by kayakjunkie on May 17, 2012
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When to use External FMP files?


I'm putting together a database for investment portfolio reporting and management.  Data is downloaded from a broker-dealer and stored in a series of tables (e.g. transactions, positions, securities, etc.) all of which are in a single FMPA 12 file.  In the event of a disaster, reading the data from the source files back into the FMP solution can be done very quickly.  (Thanks to help I've received here, my test import last night read 5,000 files and over 500,000 records into FMP in less than two minutes.  Daily imports are virtually instantaneous.)

In terms of best practices, should the solution be kept separate from the data tables?  In other words, in addition to using the "golden master" advice provided in file_management_best_practices_en.pdf should data be kept in separate FMP files rather than in a single file?

If it depends on size or usage, what factors go into making a decision to separate data from the solution?