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    When using portals...



      When using portals...


      Can I display information from different tables in one portal, or do I have to create different portals for each table?

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             It depends on your relationships. You can place fields from multiple tables in one portal row just like you can put fields from multiple tables into the body of your main layout. In both cases, the relationships linking your tables (and table occurrences) will govern what happens when you set this up.
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               To add to what Phil already stated... The key word here is "related".
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              I'm not sure if I have the relationships done wrong, but I am having a hard time setting up portals to display the information I want them to. I have four tables: Events, Visitors, Participation, and Payment Info with a Table Occurrence called Participation 2. Now this is how I have my relationships: Events is related to Participation through Event Title. Events is related to Payment Info through Event Title. Visitor is related to Payment Info through VisitorName and Visitor is related to Participation 2 through VisitorName. I am trying to create a portal that displays information in the Events Layout, and in the Visitors Layout.In the events layout I would like for it to show the visitors that are attending that event, their email address, and their ID number. I can get it to diplay the visitors, but none of their info. I was able to get it to dipsplay the visitor by showing records from Participation::VisitorName but cant get it to display email and ID. In the Visitor layout I cannot get it to diplay any of the information. What I would like for it to show in the portal is all the events they attened, the event start date, and the agenda for that event, but have not been able to do it. Event Start Date, Event Title, and Agenda are all fields in the Events Table. Visitor Name, EMail, and ID are all fields in the Visitor Table. Any ideas on getting this to work would be really helpful. Thanks!

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                I had to sketch a picture of your tables/relationships before I could answer. :smileywink:


                First, let's get your relationships working.


                I don't see a reason for your second table occurrence, Participants 2. In your relationship graph, drag from Visitors::Name to Participants::Name. Just from the info in your post, that should work. Now specify participants as your TO for your portal and you should be able to add the visitor fields to the same portal.


                I believe the same fix will get your second layout working for you as well.

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                  What fields did you define in the portal?


                  In the Events layout, you would have a portal into Visitors (through Payment).  Include the Visitor Name, Email Address and ID number.  I don't know how you are able to display the visitor from the Participation table, because I don't see how the Participation table is linked to the Visitor table.  This is only done through the second table occurrence.


                  In the Visitor layout, you have the link to the Events table back through the Payments table.  That is, it is the reverse of the same links above.



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                    I had previously tried to do the drage from Visitors::Name to Participants::Name and FMP created the second TO for me because there could not be more than one relational path between any two tables in the graph. This is how my relationships look:


                    EVENTS                    PARTICIPATION

                    Event Title -------> Event Title


                    EVENTS                    PAYMENTDETAILS

                    Event Title -------> Event Title


                    VISITOR                  PAYMENTDETAILS
                    Full Name -------> Full Name



                    VISITOR                  PARTICIPATION 2
                    Full Name -------> Full Name


                    As I was trying to link Visitor and Participation it told me that I had to do the second table occurence because I already had the realtionship between Visitor and PaymentDetails set up.

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                      The field that I have defined in the portal are:


                      EVENTS LAYOUT

                      Participation::Visitor Name       Visitor::Email     Visitor::IDNumber



                      VISITORS LAYOUT

                      Participation::Event Title         Participation::StartDate     Participation::Agenda


                      I am linked to the participation table through visitor because I set Visitor::Full Name = Participation::Full Name.

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                        I get it, my original rough sketch was a bit too rough :smileywink:


                        Create a new TO, Visitor 2, that links to Participants by Full Name.


                        Now base your portal on Participants and add fields from Visitor 2.

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                             So will I still keep the Participation 2 TO or do I delete that one and use the new Visitor TO instead?
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                            That depends on your database. Participants appears to function as a "join" table that facilitates a many to many relationship between visitors and events. Thus you need it to function as a link between events and visitors. I suggested the new TO visitors 2 as it is the simplest change to your graph that meets your need.


                            If you don't use Particpants 2 anywhere else in your DB, then you can delete it. If you do, then you may be able to replace those references with Participants and delete it, but I can't tell from here as I can't analyze your entire database.

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                                 Thanks for the help I got it set up and working!