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    When viewing a report I want to only see and print that record



      When viewing a report I want to only see and print that record


      Hi everybody! I'm loving this forum!!

      Right now if I view a report it shows the report that I want, however it also shows (if you scroll) all the other reports -is there a way to display only the report wanted and also avoid printing all the other reports as well when you choose to print without choosing 'the selected report only'?

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          By "report" you actually mean "record". A report can consist of data from many records.

          When you print, you can specify "current record" or "records being browsed". "current record" prints just using the current record, "records being browsed" prints the entire "found set" of records.

          To just see the current record, you have several options:

          In Browse Mode, you can specify view As Form and you will be unable to scroll (using the scroll bar on the side of the window) from record to record in your found set.This will not affect what you get when you print or preview your report.

          If you omit all other records from your found set, you can produce a found set of just the current record and then you cannot scroll to other records and you will not be able to print or preview other records.

          To isolate the current record like this:

          In a single user database, you can a) Show All Records, b) Omit record, c) Show Omitted Only. This can be done in a script or manually.

          In a database being accessed by more than one user, there's a small chance that the above method will accidentally include a record created by another  user in between steps b and c in your found set and thus you won't successfully isolate just the current record.

          this can be avoided if you perform a find to find just the current record. If you have a field that uniquely identifies each record in your table--such as a serial number field, you can perform a find for the current record's serial number. Again, this can be done manually or via a script.

          As a script, it might look like this:

          Set Variable [$ID ; YourTable::YourSerialNumberField ]
          Enter FInd Mode []
          Set Field [ YourTable::yourSerialNumberIfeld ; $ID ]
          Perform Find []