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Where can I look for a guide to update Tables?

Question asked by DonRock on Jan 22, 2009
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Where can I look for a guide to update Tables?


I have an Issues Database that I modified from the business templates.  I exported the original file from the company database server as an xls file.  I ran a series search and replace strings to normalize the data. There are currently less than 400 records but I expect the size to grow.


I want to be able to download this information on a regular basis from the company database and update the data as records, dates and details are changed/added.  The script would be able to add new records, flag removed records and add details to existing records.  I did this about 10 years ago with a FMP 3-4 database for vendor prices and quotes.  Where should I look for direction?  I am using a trial version of FMP 10 as I just started this protype last week.