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Where did my database go? (FM Pro 10 Advanced)

Question asked by douglerner_1 on Jan 29, 2013
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Where did my database go? (FM Pro 10 Advanced)


     I'm still not used to FM Pro 10 Advanced, but had something happen to me that makes me feel uneasy. Maybe somebody here can help?

     I created a blank database and imported some records into it from Excel. Then I formatted the list view after getting some help from people here in these forums and fiddled with it over a day or so. Eventually I closed FM and went on to some other things.

     Today I opened up FileMaker, expecting to automatically be in the database I had created but instead I got the QuickStart screen asking me what kind of database I wanted to create.

     OK, I thought, FM saves things automatically, right? It's got to be somewhere. So I selected Open Database. There were a dozen or so files listed in "Recent files" but they were all really old from a couple of years ago from when I last played with FM. In fact, those files don't even appear to exist anymore.

     So where was the database I had created a couple of days ago? Surely it was auto-saved somewhere under some default name? I don't know why it didn't automatically open up since it was the last database I used. But it would be really disturbing if I can't find it at all.

     Are there any default filenames FM uses to save databases? Any idea where to find it? I don't remember naming it, though I could have. But if I did, why isn't it showing up under Recent? Sort of an uneasy feeling.

     Any suggestions would be welcome.