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    Where did my database go? (FM Pro 10 Advanced)



      Where did my database go? (FM Pro 10 Advanced)


           I'm still not used to FM Pro 10 Advanced, but had something happen to me that makes me feel uneasy. Maybe somebody here can help?

           I created a blank database and imported some records into it from Excel. Then I formatted the list view after getting some help from people here in these forums and fiddled with it over a day or so. Eventually I closed FM and went on to some other things.

           Today I opened up FileMaker, expecting to automatically be in the database I had created but instead I got the QuickStart screen asking me what kind of database I wanted to create.

           OK, I thought, FM saves things automatically, right? It's got to be somewhere. So I selected Open Database. There were a dozen or so files listed in "Recent files" but they were all really old from a couple of years ago from when I last played with FM. In fact, those files don't even appear to exist anymore.

           So where was the database I had created a couple of days ago? Surely it was auto-saved somewhere under some default name? I don't know why it didn't automatically open up since it was the last database I used. But it would be really disturbing if I can't find it at all.

           Are there any default filenames FM uses to save databases? Any idea where to find it? I don't remember naming it, though I could have. But if I did, why isn't it showing up under Recent? Sort of an uneasy feeling.

           Any suggestions would be welcome.



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               There are no defaults names. FileMaker asks you for a file name when creating a new database unless you use new from Starter Solution, In which case the new file has the same name as the starter solution template.

               The fact that you do not see the file listed in recent items suggests two possible explanations:

               The file was not properly closed when you had the file open. A force quit or crash could keep recent items from updating to show the name of the newly opened file.

               You have opened a different version of the FileMaker Pro application than you did the first time--thus only listing files you worked with a very long time ago.

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                 Thanks for your answer, but I'm afraid there was no force quit or crash, and it's definitely the same version of FM Pro. The original file was open for a couple of days while I played with it. Wouldn't FM Pro have periodically saved it during that time? Somewhere?




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                   Yes it would and it's been my experience that FileMaker 10 advanced is quite reliable about maintaining an accurrate list of recently opened files.

                   Might you have more than one user account on your computer?

                   Could you have been using a different user account the previous time?

                   Have you tried using the file search utility on your computer to search for this file--by file type if not by name?

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                     But please note that while FileMaker is periodicaly saving such a file, it doesn't, I believe, update recent items until you close the file or quit the application.

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                       Well, I have some good news which at least restores my confidence that FM is not going to flake out on me and lose data.

                       I did a search of all .fp7 file and found the file: CustomerContacInfo-ForQBImport Converted, opened it up and it was all there. It was in the Documents folder.

                       FM must have given it that name automatically when it imported data from the Excel file named CustomerContactInfo-ForQBImport.xlsx because I would not have given it that FM name.

                       So anyway, that's resolved. It leaves two questions in my mind though:

                  1.           Why wasn't that file showing in recent files when I open FM? It is now though, now that I've opened it again.
                  3.           Every other Mac program I use lets me easily see where the file is by CMD+click on the title bar. The folder hierarchy is revealed. But that doesn't seem to work with the FM database I opened. That seems strange since FileMaker is owned by Apple. Anyway, how can I see from within the file where it is located?




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                         It's always the details not originally reported.

                         Apparently, you did a "drag and drop", dropping your Excel file onto the FileMaker application Icon. This creates a brand new FileMaker file and it will automatically be named the same as the original Excel file unless you choose to specify a file name in the dialog that pops up for this purpose.

                         This also, technically, doesn't "open" the file in FileMaker, so I suspect that it will not appear in Recent Items until you close and re-open the file at least once. As an experiment, I did a drag and drop with an Excel file on my Filemaker 12 application shortcut on my desktop and the newly created file does not appear in Recent items, even after closing and reopening the application.

                         With regards to Item 2, FileMaker Is what it is. There is a get function: get ( FilePath ) that will return the file path of the current database file. In Filemaker Advanced, you can use this as a Watch expression in the Data Viewer to see the location of the current file. In all versions, an unstored calcualtion field or a script that uses Show custom Dialog with this expression could be used to show the file path to the current file.

                         I'm not defending these behaviors, just describing them.

                         You are welcome to use the Filemaker Feature Request Form to request that future versions of Filemaker include newly created files in Recent Items and for Apple OS versions to show this right-click behavior.

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                           Hi. Actually I did not do a "drag and drop." I did new database and then selected the option to open an Excel file. I believe I mentioned that in my original post.

                           Thanks fo the get (FilePath) info. I'll try that.



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                             That would produce the same results that I described in terms of Drag and Drop.

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                               And I don't think you used "new database" as I can't find a way to do that. I think you used "Open" to open your original file.

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                                 I did use "new database." I just tried it again with a different Excel file. After selecting new database you can choose to select an Excel spreadsheet and I see now that when you do that it sets that filename with the "Converted" at the end as the default and creates the new database.

                                 So the only question is why it didn't remember the filename as being "recent." That's confusing.

                                 Anyway, it was there, so all is well.



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                                   That may be confusing but it I have already explained what is going on.

                                   I just launched a copy of FileMaker 10.

                                   I selected "New" from the file menu.

                                   It does not list any options for opening a file.

                                   If I try to select an excel file, I get a warning message that my new file will overwrite the selected file.

                                   This is not the case if I select Open from the file menu.

                                   This is on a windows system, perhaps you are using a Mac system and that might provide an option I don't see in this dialog...

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                                     I think it must work differently on the Mac then. When you do what I wrote, which is creating a new database and then choosing to create it from an Excel spreadsheet it lets you choose the Excel file and then immediately asks you to save the database with the name of the sheet and "Converted" appended to the name.