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    Where do databases save?



      Where do databases save?


      Hi, I have recently taken over a position which happens to leave me in charge of the filemaker databases.

      I have been instructed to back up the databases, but I have no idea where they are kept. I know they are on our Mac server somewhere (to get to them, I have to "open remote" and enter the server's IP address.) I do not, however, know where to find them. The server doesn't even have filemaker installed. I tried searching for .fp7 (the version we have) files, I looked for a filemaker or database folder, and I tried saving a copy of the database, but the option to do so was greyed out. Does anyone know where these files might save to, or if there is a better way to search for them/ back them up? Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Greg at Pure Audio

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          Since you are using Open Remote to connect to the databases, you have either Filemaker Pro or Filemaker Server installed on this machine. (Unless someone is using Filemaker Pro to open and Host this machine by accessing the file through a shared directory which is a very bad idea.)

          Which do you have installed on it?

          Can you open the file with a full access password so that you can modify the design of this database?

          If so, you could define a calculation field with Get ( FilePath ) and then place this field on a layout to see exactly where the file is and what it is named. Also, the default window name for a filemaker file is the same as it's filename unless the developer has specifically taken steps to give it a different name so you should be able to do a file search for that name to find the file.

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            Hi, thanks for your help Phil. I just found where all the files are and have set up my daily backups. Someone had moved all the filemaker folders somehwere strange after one of our drives crashed last year. All is well and thank you for your help.

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              Daily backups that are done with the databases open may become corrupted.

              If the backups are defined in Filemaker Server, this will work.

              If the backups are done by an external utility, this may not work.

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                They are defined in the Filemaker Server. Thanks for the tip though.