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Where do databases save?

Question asked by PureAudio on Jan 14, 2011
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Where do databases save?


Hi, I have recently taken over a position which happens to leave me in charge of the filemaker databases.

I have been instructed to back up the databases, but I have no idea where they are kept. I know they are on our Mac server somewhere (to get to them, I have to "open remote" and enter the server's IP address.) I do not, however, know where to find them. The server doesn't even have filemaker installed. I tried searching for .fp7 (the version we have) files, I looked for a filemaker or database folder, and I tried saving a copy of the database, but the option to do so was greyed out. Does anyone know where these files might save to, or if there is a better way to search for them/ back them up? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Greg at Pure Audio