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Where do I start? - Scheduling Application Project

Question asked by bokenrosie on Oct 20, 2014


Where do I start? - Scheduling Application Project


I'm trying to help a friend but I might have taken too big of a bite here.  I am trying to decide if FM is even the right tool for this project which is a scheduling application. (see attached for output sample)

I have the following data:

  • A number of courts
  • A group of players on a court 
  • Player names
  • A set of dates to schedule

A simple example would be one court (number of courts) there are 6 players in the group (group of players) but only 4 get to play on any given week.  I need to output a schedule that:

  • Gives each player  in the group the same number of days to play on the schedule
  • Prints a schedule that has the players playing that week (four[player names] of them) and the players that are off (two of them) 
  • Chooses one person each week to be the responsible party (designated by an asterisk on the schdule) 

I have attached a copy of what they are currently getting for output.  I'm drawing a complete blank on how to even start this process.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be fantastic.