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Where does the SKU Number fit???

Question asked by AdamHorne on Dec 13, 2013
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Where does the SKU Number fit???


          I work on a television show and deal with equipment management. I have a lot of equipment checked out from the studio and working on different stages and sets.  I'm trying to get a handle on how much of what I have and where it currently is located and when it's due back for return. 
          I've been working hard with Filemaker trying to get keep track of it and for the most part its been successful. I had never heard of Filemaker until 4 months ago, so I'm sorry if these questions seem simple...
          With that said, I was doing well keeping track of everything, until I tried to return a light to the rental house that was checked out on another set.  I have (40) 20K lights checked out.  It's the same item except the rental house has each light barcoded (SKU), giving it a unique identifier. 
          I had no idea where the specific light was and I was on the search for it's SKU number. 
          I now need to add a SKU field to my database and assign it to a specific light and location. 
          The problem is: I'm trying to figure out where exactly a SKU number will fit in my current database.  I've looked at other examples in the Filemaker Starter Solution, but I have my concerns with how they are set up.  
          Here is my first example:
          My problem with Example 1 is that I don't really know where I can add the SKU number? 
          I asked this question in the forums some time ago and was told to place it in the Equipment table.  That makes sense, however, how will my "Accessory" table work now? 
          Here is my 2nd example:
          I should also note that I have already imported the Equipment records from an existing database and I have over 4,000 items (Equipment) in my table.  Out of the 4,000 records in that table, I have only (1) record for a 20K. This table is really just the items information (make; model; wattage; weight, etc), but no unique fields for any specific item (SKU, Manufacturer Serial,etc) 
          It seems that if I took the suggested method of adding the SKU field into the Equipment table then I would keep adding items to that list. This is something I'd like to avoid so I can keep the original information clean (item information) and carry this database to my next show, without the SKU numbers of items that are attached to this current show. 
          I hope this makes sense and I'm sorry to keep bring this up, but I feel like I'm really starting to run around in circles.  
          Thanks for the help.