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where in the database design is a given name used?

Question asked by D.Goldin on May 19, 2010
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where in the database design is a given name used?


I've taken over development/maintenance of an existing FileMaker database,

which has several files (modules) with hairy relationship graphs in each.  I am

looking at the various names appearing in the relationship graphs (i.e. of table 

occurrences or fields) and would like to know where in the database they are

used -- i.e. in which layouts or scripts.  I do not want to manually scan through 

all the scripts and all the layouts in all the modules to get this information.


I currently have FileMaker Pro 10. Is there a way to do it there, or do I need to

buy FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced? Perhaps there is an add-on I can get? I've

tried the "2empowerFM Developer Assistant" plug-in, but it can only search

through scripts in one module at a time, and does not search through

layouts at all. :(