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Where is chart data?

Question asked by brett_ on Mar 9, 2011
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Where is chart data?


I've created a new database with 40 rows and 15 columns.  I switch to Layout and drag a chart into the footer area.  I set its Y and X axis each to a different column.  It is set to use current found set.  The X axis includes five days of week.  The Y axis should be a count of colors associated to each day of week (there are six colors).

I save Layout #2 and switch back to Browse and select Layout #2. The chart is there but no data is displayed.  The Y axis goes up to 200.  The X axis seems to cram in every instance of five looks almost like a barcode.  Completely unreadable.

There are only five possible days to choose from on this particular column.  In that way, it is like an index.  Why didn't the chart print five values on the x-axis rather than what appears to be 40 values on the x-axis?

I did try using a calculation on Color in the chart via Sum().  But there was no difference.