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Where is text selection highlight set? (No, it's not in the OS prefs)

Question asked by KevinPfeiffer on Apr 5, 2011
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Where is text selection highlight set? (No, it's not in the OS prefs)


Using FM 11, I'm seeing some strange behaviour with the selection color when an edit field is selected (e.g. you click in a field and the entire field is selected for input or you select existing characters with the cursor). I've seen notes elsewhere saying that this is system preference behaviour (in my case, Windows 7), but that does not explain what I am seeing...

In one field, with a pale-green fill, the selection color is a pleasantly (and readable) slightly darker green. The next field, on same layout, has no background and dark grey text -- its selection color is dark, dark grey, making the select text unreadable. If I duplicate this field, apply the format of the first field using the format painter, it takes on the characteristics of the first field, including the pale green selection color. *

Hence I am led to the conclusion that this must be a configurable FM attribute for edit fields. But where is it configured??

Thanks in advance,

Kevin Pfeiffer

* Should anyone doubt my description of this condition, I'm happy to post screen shots.