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Where is this script error coming from?

Question asked by whardy7 on Aug 13, 2013
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Where is this script error coming from?


     I am getting an error that is driving me nuts, but I'm too blind to see what is causing it. It is error 102, which is Field Missing. It coming from the Set Field By Name line where I am trying to set the field contained in the variable $$CurField to "0". I have included the Data Viewer to show that it contains the right field and is on the right layout. The Data Viewer also shows that the value of the field contained in $$CurField is correct and pointing to the right field, but Set Field By Name doesn't like it. The rest of the script works as I expect it to, in that it loops through each of the fields and determines whether the data needs to be changed.

     Can someone tell by looking what I'm doing wrong? Some background: I am looping through these fields because they are the result of Insert From URL where some of the data is junk and it changes sometimes, so I don't want to use IF statements in the field to catch the junk because I will have to change it every time they change their web data. This way I can change one character and have it take care of all the fields.

     Thanks for any help!