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    Where To Find FMP Designer



      Where To Find FMP Designer & Coder


      Hey guys,


      I've been frustrated with me FMP database for a while now. I created it on my own and it works ok but as my company expands and we hire more people, I want a sleeker look and better functionality. I'm very big on a nice UI and is important to me. I like the look of these templates; http://www.jobprocentral.com/  &    http://www.scriptology.com/theme-library   and am willing to buy but I don't know how I would code those to work with my db. I'm in the Chicago area and would like to find a FMP genius who can help me with the database. I found a couple freelance guys on craigslist but they're so-so.


      Any thoughts? 

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          My suggestion is to look for developers on various job boards and also check out the development firms.

          FileMaker has a job board, as well as http://www.findfilemakerdevelopers.com/



          Making a pretty UI should never sacrafice functionality IMHO so its important to see samples. BTW, designing for Windows users is different when it comes to the UI because of the flashing issues. It is a lot more noticible when using large background images or header images etc so it can be limiting.