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    Which address to print?



      Which address to print?


      I have a table for my members and a table for their place of work - I am linking Place of work to members so that on my members layout I can assign the same place of work to multiple members one to many - 


      Under my members layout I am listing a home address


      Then I have created a field for Mail goes to (radio button) home/office


      I now want to create mailing labels that will display their mailing address for my members based on my selection whether is home or office


      How do I tell the database to display address based on my selection?



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             I think that you may be missing a table. Members, Companies, Addresses.
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            Thank you Mr Vodka


            But I do not believe I am missing an addresses table as A company can only have one address in my case and a member works for a company and has a home address listed on his or her profile -  So based on this we need to indicate that if mailing address is selected for home then the home address is displayed on the label and otherwise print business address


            Please advise

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              Thank you for your post.


              In your Members table, create the calculation field "Label Address", with the formula:


              If ( Radio Button = "Work" ; Company Table :: Address field ; Members Table :: Address field)


              Then, use this field in the label layout.



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