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Which direction should I pursue?

Question asked by Dekade on Jul 17, 2010
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Which direction should I pursue?


I am a beginner to intermediate user of Filemaker. I have done a ton of work in FM5-9. But - all work is based on the old architecture. I have just kept upgrading. I have never taken advantage of the FM9 or newer architecture. I have to keep the DB's and tables going on a daily basis. I can't afford to stop and learn a whole new architecture and redesign the DB's I use daily.

However I think I should do a massive cleanup to get into play only those functions that mean the most to the day to day running of my business. That is why I am asking if FM10ProAdv has an easy way for me to find the fields, scripts, and calcs that mean the most to me to keep.

Does FMPro10 Advanced have a feature built in that you can use to find fields that are being used and fields not being used. Does it have a feature to show which scripts are actively being used versus those taht are not.

A year ago I purchased a copy of FM10ProAdv and never installed it. I am currently running FM9ProAdv with 3 copies of FMPro9 and 1 copy of FMServer9.

Would there be that much that I would be missing if I just jumped to FM10 versions versus FM11 versions? Or, should I take my losses - leave the FM10Pr Adv to draw dust and go straight to FM11 versions? I use FM for basic inventory, inventory reports, and in house work order processing for the manufacturing department. I would also like to tie FM in with Quickbooks Pro for inventory tracking and accounting.

If I go to FM10 or FM11 versions can I still keep running FM9 Server with 10 and 11?

I should really start all of my DB's all over from scratch but simply cannot afford the downtime. I realize I could import all old data into new architecture DB's but I don't have the time to build the new architecture. I also can't afford to pay a FM specialist to do it for me. I know it would cost 6 to 10 thousand dollars minimal. Thus, I need to grasp the easiest way, and run with it, to clean up all the unnecessary garbage that is no longer being used for daily FM duties.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I love this program and it really is a major part of our daily business operations but I know that I am behind the times in it.