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Which Do Filemaker Pro work better on Windows 7 or Mac Lion

Question asked by user14040 on Aug 18, 2011
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Which Do Filemaker Pro work better on Windows 7 or Mac Lion


I have been using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 on my windows computer for awhile and the sofware works great.  the problem I am having is Windows OS.


I access my files with FilemakerGo and on the Internet when i am away from home.  the problem is and this is the biggest problem Windows 7 freezes when left on for a few days.  i normally have about 8 solutions open on my desktop at one time as well as Itunes and that's all.  The only way to un freeze my computer is to hit Control Alt Delete then hit cancel.  After that everything works fine.

But now what I am experiencing is I can not access my Filemaker solution from the internet.  it would work for a few minutes and then i can no longer access my files unless I close filemaker and reopen it.  Restarting my computer will most likly help. [Restarting computer did work]


I dont want to keep restarting my computer every view days.  I recently got a Mac Mini with Lion on it and I was wondering if I switched my files to the Mac Mini will I have to still keep restarting the computer.  I dont mind restarting once a month but every few days is a Pain and sometime I forget and everything freezes when i need my files the most.