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Which Filemaker Do I Need? Single database holding URL's, links and jpegs to 20,000+ entires

Question asked by reearcher_ash on Mar 9, 2009
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Which Filemaker Do I Need? Single database holding URL's, links and jpegs to 20,000+ entires




Played with Bento and its great but need something heftier. Which Filemaker (if Filemaker at all) could do? Can you help me, I'm a little lost;


I need to create a spreadsheet style database in columns and rows. It includes this:


  1. URLs (must hyperlink)
  2. Searchable (keywording)
  3. Clickable iTunes style 1-5 star ratings (that use xls data from an excel spreadsheet that is currently numbered 1-5)
  4. Drop down boxes as data options within a spreadsheet (as per Bento)
  5. Images and videos linked to each entry (viewable in a similar style to Bento's split screen interface)
  6. Image/Video zoom in option (as per Bento)
  7. Optional pretty interfaces with custom layouts (as per Bento)
  8. The ability to hold over 20,000 rows of information, each with linked images (apprx 1Gb of jpeg and/or similar media files)
  9. Sort columns by various data types (alphabetically, numerically etc)


Then I need to future proof this system so it must be able to be (this is at a later date after beta testing of the database on my single Mac);


  • Shared over my various computers- ie 1 database that several users can work on / with.
  • Eventually shared with a larger community of users (anything upto 500 users) with the necessary tools for protection, security, administrative etc etc.


Many thanks on your comments and ideas. This is the first time I've done something like this and have already invested time and monies into my excel database, so now need a super database system to deal with it all.




  • One more question. When attaching a jpeg or similar media file to a piece of data, will Filemaker copy this file or always access it from the original source? I hope it copies it, and thus the database I create acts as a 'whole' and can be saved, moved, archived etc.