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Which Filemaker Pro 10 version should I purchase for following databases???

Question asked by msksport on Mar 8, 2009
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Which Filemaker Pro 10 version should I purchase for following databases???



I am wondering what version of Filemaker I should purchase???

I am trying to create a database for three reasons:

1. To sell online and keep track of my inventory as it happens.

2. To sell tickets to our church shows. I need to be able to sell tickets
online (different seats and prices) and be able to take credit card information
and check information and be able to do this online where a person can just go
online to our website and purchase the tickets life by looking at what seats they want and I can also see live how many tickets are sold and have the database keep up live what seat is left and how many are left???


3.  Final one: I want to keep track of labs in a medical office - by entering in the information of the lab and patient name - and then be able to assign a number and bar code to this lab - to print out and then be able to scan this lab into the database - then when the carrier comes pick up the labs they will have to sign for them electronically like those pads you see at walmart or target. - this way the nurses know who picked up the lab and when they signed for it and just in case be able to trace the lab by the number and bar code assigned to it???


I hope the above three makes sense - can anyone help??? 


I want to be able to create and work on these three databases either when I am
traveling or at the office or at home.

I have a xserver at home - so should a purchase a version that works on a
xserver or just filmaker pro advanced 10 with copies on each computer?

Can anyone help?

Thank you very much.