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Which FileMaker version do I need?

Question asked by melissa_1 on Jun 25, 2009
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Which FileMaker version do I need?




I have a new work project to implement and am not sure which FileMaker solution I need so I am hoping to get suggestions here :)


We are a training company.  Our trainers have macbooks and need to collect trainee contact information at each training session.  Our desire is to have one macbook in the classroom to collect trainee's contact info, as well as capture their "mug shot" using the built-in iSight camera and tie that to the contact info.  Since the classrooms sometimes do not have internet connectivity, data would need to be stored locally on the macbook, and when the trainer returned to the office, they would provide me with an export (which includes the mug shot image for each record) which I then would import into the master FileMaker database at the office.


Does anyone have a suggestion on which type(s) of FileMaker licenses I need?  I assume I need to write additional scripts to export the images?  I read that in the Advanced version, you could create a stand-alone application so multiple computers may not need their own Pro license - maybe that would work??