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Which sharing method?

Question asked by basilisk2 on Jul 28, 2010
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Which sharing method?


I have made a simple FM 10 database using FM Pro 10 Advanced which I want both my secretary and myself to work on. We have a small mixed platform network hosted on a Mac OS X Server system. Currently, we use that to serve files between users as needed. She will need to access the file when I am not in the office, and I cannot leave my computer switched on with the file open for security reasons. I am really confused about my options and need help deciding which path to go down. I would prefer not to go to the expense of buying FM Pro Server. We will both need to update the db from time to time. Which method should I use?

  1. Use a 3rd computer (not the existing file server) to host only the FM db using FM Sharing? (3 copies of FM needed +plus one spare computer)
  2. As 1) but using IWP? (1 copy of FM needed + one spare computer) 
  3. Store FM file on existing server and open file using file server functions of Mac OSX Server? (2 copies of FM needed, possibility of problems when both try to open file at same time)
  4. Create a MySQL database and link to it via ODBC connections (2 copies of FM needed)
  5. Use a Runtime application in some way? (Not sure if this could update the FM db file) (1 copy of FM needed)
  6. Use FM Server (1 server copy + 2 client copies of FM needed = too expensive)
  7. Some other solution?