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Which team did I assign Mary to?

Question asked by dicksmith on Mar 6, 2012
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Which team did I assign Mary to?


I have two tables, People and Teams. One team has many people, one person has only one team, so this is a one-to-many relationship linked by primary key _kp_people_id in the People table and the foreign key _kf_people_id in the Teams table.  The assignment of people to teams is accomplished via a pulldown menu in the Teams table.

After these assignments of people to teams, I want to see which team each person has been assigned to. So if each team has a captain, I'd like to have a field in the people table which indicates the captain of the team that each person has been assigned to. Thus if Mary has been assigned to Dave's team, I want a field in Mary's record in People which says she's been assigned to Dave. How do I think about accomplishing this?  I have a feeling this is a very simple question, but I don't see the answer.  Running FMP 11.