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which value will show in 1-many relationship

Question asked by saurabh on Mar 19, 2009
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which value will show in 1-many relationship


I have a table which records transaction between multiple contacts so there are following tables 

1. Transactions

2. Contacts with 2 table occurances Buyers and Sellers

3. BuyerTransactionJoin

4. SellerTransactionJoin


Now in the transactions layout i want to show address of any one of the seller but as there are more than one sellers can i know in advance which address will be shown if i just show a related value <<Sellers::addressLine1>> i.e. is there any predictability in the way which related records are shown i.e. are they sorted by any specific value??

I also want to show the list of all the sellers in a portal but i want to show the seller whose address is showing as the first value of the list in portal??? can it be done??