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While entering text...

Question asked by icecreamboy on Apr 23, 2010
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While entering text...




I have FileMaker 11, Windows XP.


Right now it seems that while I'm entering data in Browse mode, the background of the active field turns white. Is there any way to change this to transparent?


The backstory: I have an anatomical picture of a person and I need a way to be able to mark various spots on its body with x's. So I decided to insert the picture, and put a transparent field over it filled with a lot of spaces. Then in Browse mode I can click on the spot and type an "x" as text to mark the spot. The small problem is that when I click into the field to make it active, the background turns white so I can't see the picture behind it anymore. I know there's a way to insert the picture into a container field as an object and edit in MS paint, but my way seems more convenient to me, especially if I can get the above question resolved.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!