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White backgrounds for printed reports?

Question asked by pauhana658 on Aug 15, 2012
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White backgrounds for printed reports?


Created a report yesterday using the Blank theme in FM12 and printed it. Noticed it had a very faint blueish background. Checked the theme settings and realized that theme styles/colors are set in stone and can't be modified. Even the Blank theme has a colored background that apparently cannot be modified. 

I really don't want a colored background in my reports: 1) I have a blue company logo with a white background and it looks awful even on the light blueish background of the Blank template; 2) Colored backgrounds on an A4-page use up a LOT of very expensive ink; and 3) printing times are much, much longer. 

Surely, there's an option for a completely blank report background for printing purposes. Or an option to turn off the background in a theme. I've looked but can't find anything. I suppose I could design a standard List or Table form with a white background, as I've done for a few other forms I need to print, but FM12's method of dynamically resizing portals for varying numbers of related records (i.e., it doesn't -- apparently, you must hard-code the number of lines to display), makes that method less attractive.

Anyone out there able to print reports with solid white backgrounds? How'd you do it?