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    White space in report when using sliding portal and grouping



      White space in report when using sliding portal and grouping


      I have a report using a sliding portal in my report, and I also use 2 groupings (sub summaries)  in the report. It all works fine, accept I have a lot of white space in the report, sometimes half a page.

      Normally I use the child table for the report and use the parent table for grouping in a sub summary part. In this case that is not possible, because I have a parent table, a child table and a grand child table.

      In this case I have to use the child table and the parent table for the sub summary parts, and the child table in the body part, together with a portal for the grand child records. This is a sliding portal. As I mentioned, it works fine accept the enormous amount of blank space in the report.

      I think FM is calculating upfront (before loading the next record) the maximum amount of space that might be needed, and takes the maximum size of space that could be needed.

      I already searched on the forum, and found some threads, but not in combination with sliding portals and groups.

      Someone familiair with this problem, and if so, is there a solution? (Using FMA 13)

      Thanks in advance,

      Hans Lijnbach.