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who has filemaker pro 5? I need to open a file

Question asked by AnjanetteSchouwe on Oct 19, 2010
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who has filemaker pro 5? I need to open a file


I have a file that I created using filemaker pro 5. I saved the file and now want to open it, but I cannot find the software disk to be able to open it in my new computer.  Since I did not remove the password of the document when I saved it in a flash drive, I cannot open it with a newer version of File Maker Pro because the new version doesn't know what to do with the password it had and back then, I didn't have to create an account name. So, support told me to open it with fp5 and take out the password. I don't have the software anymore. I lost the disk!! I Just have the product code ID that each program comes with. I am a sales person and these are my contacts and leads, notes, and I need to open the darn file ASAP. Please, I hope someone can help. If you have the software installation disk, let me know please. or if you know of any other way to get this open, let me know. I am not a software expert. Thank you.