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    Why can't a Custom Dialog script set a variable?



      Why can't a Custom Dialog script set a variable?


           In my database, I use frequent Custom Dialog script steps to gather information from the user.

           I find it puzzling that the Custom Dialog script step can only set a pre-defined field and cannot simply place the user's answer in a variable, either local or global.

           Instead, I need to place the answer into a field (I use a global foield), use the information, then clear the field.  It adds extra unnecessary steps.

           Am I missing something?

           Could such a simple concept be impossible to implement for a reason I don't perceive?

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          Title:  User Input to local variables then scripting to perform a find.

                              You can't, you have to use one method or another to allow the user to enter the values into fields such as the global fields that you are already using.

                              Here's an example, with global fields. If you want to use local fields you can adapt it with the variables as I have already described above, but I see no purpose to doing so:

                              Show Custom Dialog ["Please enter some values" ]
                              # In the previous step, Specify two input fields to link to MeasurementRegistration::g_gr and MeasurementRegistration::g_meas]
                              Enter Find Mode[]
                              Set Field [MeasurementRegistration::GRLev ; MeasurementRegistration::g_gr]
                              Set FIeld [MeasurementRegistration::AsmtCode ; MeasurementRegistration::g_meas]

                              Note: Show Custom Dialog is only one of three different ways to do this. It's easy to set up, but you can't format the input fields with value lists and you can't validate the input until after the user dismisses the custom dialog so it may not be flexible enough to work. The other approaches, however, still use this same basic script.


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                 What you want would be an excellent improvement to Filemaker Pro. Feel free to use the feature suggestion form: http://www.filemaker.com/company/contact/feature_request.html to suggest it.