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Why can't I import an entire folder of Word Documents,

Question asked by SarahD. on Sep 18, 2009
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Why can't I import an entire folder of Word Documents,


In our infinite wisdom the firm I work for fired basically the entire IT department this summer including three people who were certifiable geniuses at all things FileMaker. I am not a genius, at FileMaker or anything else but having once figured out how to change the file path from Mac to PC I have been deemed a suitable successor.


I have a folder with ~2500 word documents, each of which has to become a record in a database. I am starting from the document library template and didn't think this too daunting a task as I would import the entire folder. To my frustration FileMaker only appears capable of importing images and raw text documents. I can insert the files individuals to the container field but that seems to tedious to even contemplate repeating 2500 times.


I have mucked around with a couple of plug-ins, but none of them seemed to do what I wanted in an obvious manner and I am completely out of my league. I don't need to import the text within the word document, just containerize it within the database. 


Is there a way to make FileMaker import and containerize an entire folder regardless of what is in that folder?


FileMaker Pro 10 / FileMaker Server 10, I'm working on Windows XP - but I have access to a Mac.