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Why can't I see a related field?

Question asked by dekade1 on Jan 1, 2009
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Why can't I see a related field?


I am fully aware that I have made a nuisance if myself on this forum. But, I am stuck and really need some guidance.




Using FM Pro Advanced 9.0


I am viewing one out of many records on Layout 1 in Table A.

On Layout 1 there are various fields and there is also a portal for Table B.

Table A is related to Table B via an ID field in each table.

A portal row for Table B has a 'customer number' field and a 'quantity' field.

In Table A Layout 1 I enter into FIND mode.

I go to the 'customer number' field in the Table B portal.

I enter in a text customer number.

I press FIND and a found set of all records in Table A with that customer number is now displayed in Table A Layout 2.

In Table A Layout 2 I have a field that is called "found quantity".

For the life of me I cannot get each record in Table A to show it's respective Table B "quantity" in the Table A "found quantity" field.


Could someone please help and tell me what I am missing here!?