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    Why did my pdf interactivity suddenly stop?  Mac Os



      Why did my pdf interactivity suddenly stop?  Mac Os


      Dear Filemaker 

      I successfully set up and used earlier versions of filemaker pro at our small non profit organization for many years.  I recently retired to work on a research effort.  All info below applies to my laptop macbook pro 10.7.5 using Filemaker pro 13.5 


      I am not connected to a web server or networked in any way.


      For my research,  I created a file of about 500 records.  I dragged pdfs (1.1. MB each) of early Christian art into a container field, which I had formatted to be interactive. The storage is in the default mode "secure storage." This container field has worked great for the past five months with the ability to enlarge and scroll up and down the image and enter date into appropriate fields for my research. 


      Recently I had occasion to close the file.  When I reopened it the images had disappeared from the container field. Instead a round dotted grey circular arrow appears in some records.  The images only reappeared when I changed the container field formatting to jpg etc.  And of course the interactivity stopped. Under insert , the pdf option is active (blacked in) when interactive checked in inspector.


      I closed out that file, renamed it and copied my backed up version onto the desktop and opened it.  Same issue prevailed. Can't see pdfs -- Can only view images if formatted for non pdf.  The problem persisted even  after I ran recover on my backed up versionI have adobe acrobat reader X on my system.  I don't recall updating it recently.   Safari is my web browser.


      I have combed through the files on the forum but found no solution that matched my situation. 


      I am very grateful for your assistance

      Chris Schenk

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          Has safari been updated recently?

          an Interactive container field is actually a special kind of web viewer and your mac uses a Safari based "web kit" to display the PDF files interactively.

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            Thanks PhilModJunk   I use Mountain Lion and just checked again for updates and all apps are up to date.  

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              Double clicking a PDF opens it in Adobe Reader or Preview?

              Change it to the other one, test. 

              Right click and Open With is available, Get Info and Select the app and click the change all button.

              Restart and change it back, test.

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                Dear DavidAnders   I very much appreciate your kindness.  All my pdfs open in Adobe Reader X after double clicking.  I changed all to the Apple Preview app and tested but Filemaker container pdfs remained non interactive and invisible unless formatted for jpg in inspector.  I then restarted and tried again…nothing.  I then changed all apps back to adobe (as I understood your post) but still nothing.  So I rebooted again while pdfs in adobe…but nothing.

                I'm feeling pretty stuck so any other thoughts you can offer are most welcome.  I can do a workaround by zooming in on entire page, making container images large enough to analyze but it makes everything huge and I would rather have the capability of making the image large and keeping fields correct size.


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                  This post resembles a recent report over in Report an Issue. There's no resolution just yet, but you might take a look at the thread and if it matches your situation, you might subscribe to it or post your own "me too" comment so that you can stay informed to what the TS personnel work out as either a solution or a work around.

                  pdf document does not show in interactive container field

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                    Thanks to DavidAnders and PhilModJunk

                    I found a solution...I decided that the problem might be in my Safari browser since it clearly wasn't with the pdfs.  I when I looked under Safari Help - installed plug-ins there were none listed.  (go figure).  So I went to Safari preferences,- security and discovered that the "Allow  plug-ins" box was NOT checked  (I don't remember unchecking but must have at some point in an effort to protect privacy or something).  When I rechecked the box to allow plug-ins, they all appeared in the Help drop down "installed plug ins"

                    I restarted my computer and voila…my blessed interactive pdf's appeared once again with the ability to scroll up and down.  So pleased! I feel foolish now but glad to have figured it out

                    So thanks for all your help…the clue was the safari webkit….  Perhaps this will help some other hapless soul.

                    Chris Schenk