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Why did my pdf interactivity suddenly stop?  Mac Os

Question asked by cschenk on Aug 12, 2015
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Why did my pdf interactivity suddenly stop?  Mac Os


Dear Filemaker 

I successfully set up and used earlier versions of filemaker pro at our small non profit organization for many years.  I recently retired to work on a research effort.  All info below applies to my laptop macbook pro 10.7.5 using Filemaker pro 13.5 


I am not connected to a web server or networked in any way.


For my research,  I created a file of about 500 records.  I dragged pdfs (1.1. MB each) of early Christian art into a container field, which I had formatted to be interactive. The storage is in the default mode "secure storage." This container field has worked great for the past five months with the ability to enlarge and scroll up and down the image and enter date into appropriate fields for my research. 


Recently I had occasion to close the file.  When I reopened it the images had disappeared from the container field. Instead a round dotted grey circular arrow appears in some records.  The images only reappeared when I changed the container field formatting to jpg etc.  And of course the interactivity stopped. Under insert , the pdf option is active (blacked in) when interactive checked in inspector.


I closed out that file, renamed it and copied my backed up version onto the desktop and opened it.  Same issue prevailed. Can't see pdfs -- Can only view images if formatted for non pdf.  The problem persisted even  after I ran recover on my backed up versionI have adobe acrobat reader X on my system.  I don't recall updating it recently.   Safari is my web browser.


I have combed through the files on the forum but found no solution that matched my situation. 


I am very grateful for your assistance

Chris Schenk