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Why do we need Bonjour installed if we have "manually entered the IP addresses"?

Question asked by berox on Jun 23, 2010
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Why do we need Bonjour installed if we have "manually entered the IP addresses"?


We have two separate installations of Filemaker Pro Server\Filemaker Pro on a Microsoft Windows platform that were installed by two different individuals. During the separate installations, both individuals called Filemaker tech Support and asked if Filemaker could be installed without Bonjour since they had "manually entered the IP addresses" for Filemaker servers (see Filemaker Knowledgebase article: 7097 - In both instances, they were told that Bonjour needed to be installed with Filemaker anyway because it also worked with Filemaker in other ways.


Now, after the installations have been completed, our security department is questioning us on the Bonjour installations because:

1. Bonjour is on their Blacklist because it is packaged with ITunes.

2. Per WIKIPEDIA - "Bonjour only works within a single broadcast domain, which is usually a small area, without special DNS configuration. Mac OS X and AirPort Base Stations provide a facility called Wide Area Bonjour which allows dynamic DNS updates and service discovery by means of updating a properly configured DNS server (although AirPort Utility incorrectly configures Wide Area Bonjour)."

... because of that...

 "I question the need for BONJOUR given that it only works within a single broadcast domain which, on our network, means the local subnet.  Given that it would only be able to discover services in that limited venue.  An off-net server would not be discoverable by this means.  The mDNSResponder service, which is a component of BONJOUR, causes known compatibility issues."

So..I called Filemaker Tech support again, and asked them to provide me with details as to why Bonjour HAS to be installed even though we have "manually entered the IP addresses for the databases" as well as what features of Filemaker would no longer work properly if Bonjour was uninstalled? The gentleman replied that they had no more details other than that listed in the knowledgebase article #7097. He said we could test it without it and see if it works (not a desired situation here), or place this article in these forums.


Can someone in this forum provide me with some details as to why Bonjour is needed if IP addresses are used?

Or, has anyone tried running without Bonjour while using IP addresses? If so, did you discover some facet of Filemaker not working correctly?


Thank you.