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Why does "save as PDF" script not work same as "save as PDF" button?

Question asked by straka_sh on May 24, 2012
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Why does "save as PDF" script not work same as "save as PDF" button?


 I'm trying to create invoices that are subsummarized by ID_unit.  I go to the layout, sort by ID_unit, get the appropriate layout and information subsummarized, and I want each as PDF to email to each unit.  Here is the problem:

1.  When I save the PDF using the shortcut button in Preview Mode, the PDF is exactly how I want it to look.

2.  If I use a simple script to save the PDF of the same layout, with the same sort, in the same folder as #1, it creates the PDF with the header, footer, and body information, but there is no sub summary. 

I have a script that I'll attach that allows me to create the invoice PDF from anywhere in the database.  And it works well except for this subsummary problem. 

I then created a simple script of just go to preview mode, save as PDF, go to browse mode, and it still doesn't do the subsummary, even if I'm in the layout I want, with everything sorted to show the subsummaries...

What's up with this?