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Why does my boolean field acquire a value of "No"?

Question asked by cosmocanuck on Jul 9, 2015
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Why does my boolean field acquire a value of "No"?


I am having the strangest problem and will try to explain.


I have scripted find which, among other things, searches a boolean field. I want to find records where this field is empty, thus I'm using “==“ as the find parameter. 


However, some fields appear to have a value of “No” instead of the desired empty or null value. Thus,  they’re missed in the above find.


First problem: I can’t understand why some fields are even getting the “No” value. As far as I know I’ve done everything correctly to ensure it’s always either “1” or nothing.  In the table, it is set as a number field, and on the only layout where the user can modify this field, it is set as a checkbox set linked to a value list with only a single choice of “1”, with the Data Formatting option set to Boolean, “show non-zeroes as” set to 1, and “Show zeroes as” left blank. All this is, as I understand it, best practice for a boolean checkbox. 


Yet, when I add a new record, and don’t check the checkbox, then go to layout mode and change it to a text field and click on it,  the word “No” appears!  The field is completely empty until I click it.


Why might this be happening? I assume I’m doing something wrong, but… what?