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Why Does Script Not Populate Field?

Question asked by ManjitSandhu on Mar 26, 2015
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Why Does Script Not Populate Field?


OK, so in my ongoing support of this application, I've been asked to make a change to populate a field based on previously selected item. It seemed straightforward, and as far as i can tell, I have done everything right, but the field will not accept the new value.

So on the field that triggers the update, I've added the following script to the ObjectModify event:
Set Error Capture [On]
// Show Custom Dialog["Source Field"; Client_SCHEME::d_Oracle_Code]
Set Field[Client_Activity_SCHEME::d_Oracle_Code;Client_SCHEME::d_Oracle_Code]
// Show Custom Dialog["Target Field"; Client_Activity_SCHEME::d_Oracle_Code]

If I enable both 'Show Custom Dialog' lines, I get a result for the first one, but the second one remains blank.

The target field (Client_Activity_SCHEME::d_Oracle_Code) is an indexed text field, so I can't see why it won't populate. The properties for the target field on the layout are Edit Box with Browse mode unticked, and 'Display Data From' is set to Client_Activity_SCHEME::d_Oracle_Code.

With Script debugging on, the script runs, the messages show, first with a result, second with nothing, but that's it. I know it's not going to be obvious from what I have given, but wanted to make sure it's not something obvious to a novice like me!