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Why does this script end in wrong field?

Question asked by erob on Oct 29, 2009
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Why does this script end in wrong field?


Hey guys,


I have this script set up to trigger when exiting a global field set up for searching the database.


If (not isempty (contacts: gsearchall))

- Set error capture (on)

- Enter find mode

- set field (contacts::search all; contacts::gsearchall)

- Perform find

- If (get (foundcount) > 0))

  - clear (select; contacts::gsearchall))

  - go to layout (list view (contacts))

 - Else

  - Show custom dialog

 - End if

End if

clear (select; contacts::gsearchall)

go to field (contacts::gsearchall) 



It works fine except when no results are found and I click okay when exiting the custom message it clears the field but moves the cursor down to the next field. I don't know why. Why?


Thanks for any and all help.