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Why no Zoom 125 or 175 percent?

Question asked by adcoleman on Dec 24, 2008
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Why no Zoom 125 or 175 percent?



I was hoping that FMPro 10 would enable Zoom 125 and 175 percent -- especially 125 percent, which I would find extremely handy on a regular basis.


This seems an elementary improvement. But a little birdie -- a contact who's beta-testing the next FMPro release -- has told me that it doesn't include this function.


The 150 percent Zoom fills the screen with the layout, but to such an extent that various fields and functions go off-screen, which then requires horizontal and/or vertical scrolling to read all text and utilize all functions-- a self-defeating operation.


At the age of 65, with not unusual nearsightedness, I find that I need to enlarge many FMPro solutions in order to work comfortably in them. The freeware solutions that FMPro offers work fine on screen when zoomed 150 percent -- either on my MacBook Pro laptop screen or on the NEC flat-screen monitor I use in my home office.


But I'm using other solutions (such as JobPro Central) whose size I have to increase in order to avoid eyestrain.


FileMaker enables decreasing the layout size in 25 percent increments. Obviously, enabling Zooming in and out in such increments is technically feasible. I find it incomprehensible that FileMaker's haven't implemented this elementary option. If I find it useful, with my basically functional eyesight, imagine how handy it would be for anyone actually visually impaired.