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why only one?

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Feb 27, 2015
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why only one?


After putting forth the effort to learn FileMaker I heard this answer or advice many times. “FileMaker will only see the first record”. The question came in the form of why my portal only shows the correct data on the first record. It also came in other forms but for me that was the most common. I have only come to accept this. I know it so well now and always can remind myself. Recently I had the good fortune to use this to my advantage via the concepts taught in this doc from FileMaker. This was great because I used what always becomes a challenge, to my advantage, because of the type of solution I was building. But the other day I reminded myself that I know that is what it does, but I STILL DON’T KNOW OR UNDERSTAND WHY? At that point I said that, if I want to really build my knowledge with this powerful application that is helping me build great software, I should try to understand why. I am asking if anybody can point me to information that explains this concept. Or can explain it themselves. I feel that then I will just not have a habit respecting the way FileMaker does, I will have knowledge of the way FileMaker/Databases work. Thanks