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    Why switch to File Maker Pro ?



      Why switch to File Maker Pro ?


      Hello everyone!

      I just have a quick question to make as I'm not really sure that I understand a lot around this subject and I'm sure you will be able to help me. My boss told me that he is using a program called Portfolio right now but he is thinking of switching to FileMaker Pro if it made sense. Could anyone give me any information why one program is better than the other? I hope my question makes sense.. :)

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          What is Portfolio? Is it this?





          If so, then they are two totally different products and it will depend on what you are trying to achieve. FileMaker is a database application. This software I linked seems to be a digital asset management software.

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               Yes Portfolio is the one that you linked at. So should I tell him that his question doesn't really make sense? From a small research I made that what I also found but I figured that since he asks, there must be something I missed. Are you sure that they are for completely different things?
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              Well you can build something that can do what he is looking for but again we dont even know what hte purpose is or why he wants to use another product.


              I think that for music, it may make more sense to keep it in his current application. Once again, you would ( or pay someone to ) build whatever functionality your boss wants in FileMaker.

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                The deciding between an off the shelf application and a product such as filemaker comes down to two main questions:


                1) Can you make the OTS product work for you without significant cost/convenience issues? If so, then the much lower cost of an OTS product will make it the one to use. (Designing your own solution in Filemaker will cost either major $$ or labor hours (or both) compared to the development cost of an OTS product that is shared out over the entire customer base for that product.)


                2) OTS products will lock you in to a specific set of business rules. A product like Filemaker can be designed to closely follow your preferred practices and can be adapted as needed over time to meet changing circumstances. If ongoing flexibility is a major concern, then filemaker is going to look like a better option.

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                  Agreeing with the above in different words:


                  OTS is a closed architecture.  You can use it or not, but modification is limited or unavailable.


                  FMP is open architecture...a blank canvas.  You can/must build what you want...it comes with the tools to build, but comes only with starter kits of buildings (ie templates).  You have to build the functionality yourself.


                  If you want something you can put data into the day you install it, FMP will dissapoint.

                  If you want something that lets you say "let's do this other thing too!" and then actually do it...FMP is a good choice.


                  Easy is typically unflexible.

                  FMP requires programming for the application, but it can do most things you can think of pretty well.

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                       Thanks a lot guys! I think I understand everything I need for now. All replies were very helpful!
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