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    Why up grade to 14?



      Why up grade to 14?


      I am a single user for a group of 610 members maintaining a membership and dues membership. Since the group does not have a server version of FM13 (I am using Advanced). What do I really gain by upgrading to 14 since it appears to be pushing towards large businesses or organization needing network connections.


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          Networking and making runtimes in 14 is the same as it is in 13, so there is not a push towards large businesses.  Don't read too much in to the negative talk from people on these forums.   The deprecated list is for future products and just about every version of FM has outdate technology dropped from newer versions.

          Is it a major improvement over 13? well that is a matter of opinion . 

          The script editor has been upgraded.   Colors add to make scripts easier to read.
          New command that deal with Filemaker Go.
          New Button Bar Feature, which has nice selection of icons

          I'm sure there is some more new stuff, I just haven't had time to review everything yet.