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Why won't FMP 11 import certain fields?

Question asked by disabled_collegechurch on Jun 4, 2014
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Why won't FMP 11 import certain fields?


     I have a database of about 1150 records, into which I'm trying to import data from an Excel spreadsheet. I have Apple's Numbers but not Excel, and the Excel doc was too old for Numbers to read, so I sent it to someone who then re-saved it in a newer version of Excel that I could open with Numbers.

     I then saved it as csv and txt. But regardless of the format, FMP 11 will import certain fields but not others, despite the fact that they are plain text and the field into which they are supposed to go is also plain text.

     I've tried everything I can think of: as I mentioned, saving in various formats, opening the saved txt in TextEdit and TextWrangler, changing all the commas in the csv to tabs, making sure the field type in Numbers is all text before exporting, etc. But FMP still won't import some of the fields.

     Can anyone help? I spent most of yesterday on this, and I'm going crazy!!