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Why wont this work? Please help me.

Question asked by Stuee on Feb 22, 2011
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Why wont this work? Please help me.


Hi, ive only jsut started using using FM and think ive worked out some bits ok, im just stuck on my orders page that the lines wont auto put in the info from another form in the relationship.

Ive looked around and cant find info so ive hit a brick wall. If someone who's in the know which i now is allot around here could help i would greatly appreciate it.

one more thing is, in the image box im trying to get so when i insert the image it auto copies the file to a folder on my hdd and names the file to the orderid and line, ie. c:\FMimages\BP1023_Line1_wedding photo2.jpg (orderid_lineinfo_orgiginalfilename.originalfileExtension)

Like i siad im sort of new to all this so please dont say something that will go over my head, if you could change my file below so i can see and copy and learn for when i make the proper database.

my test file here.