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Wierd Calculation Problem

Question asked by DonaldBennett on Aug 29, 2011
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Wierd Calculation Problem


I'm working on a family database with tables for families, persons, and a join. On the person table I have a checklist with the data values being Head, Spouse, and Child. On the family table I have the following fields:

Head     Calculation   =If ( Person::Family Position = "Head" ; Person::First Name )
Spouse   Calculation   =If ( Person::Family Position = "Spouse" ; Person::First Name )

The calculations work but in a strange way. The calculation only works on the first person entered. If the head gets entered first, their name shows up but the spouse's name is left empty. Vice-versa with the spousegetting entered first.

Any clues as to how to fix it or attack it differently?