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    Wierd layout issue



      Wierd layout issue


      Attached is a screenshot of my layout. I am trying to have all the fields match but for some reason the fields on the right even though they are set to style=engraved, some of them appear to have a drop shadow or perhaps are embossed. I tried selecting them all and setting the Appearence>effect to engraved but nothing changes. Even if I set the effect to None, they still seem to have the drop shadow. What am I missing?

      Thanks, Jan


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          I think your fields have diferent boarder settings.  While in layout mode try selecting a field and going to Format -> Field/Control -> Borders... and seting all 4 borders to off.  I think that will fix your problem.


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            OK, I tried that and it didn't help. I went back and now I see that the fields that have the drop down are thos that have a Data>Control Style=Pop-up menu. If I change from pop-up menu to text box the drop shadow border goes away. Is there any way to change that behavior?


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              Pop up menus trap you into that "drop shadow" effect. You have to work at it to avoid that effect. Simplest method I know of is to set either the line width to zero or the line pattern to transparent so that the field does not have a visible border. Then use the rectangle tool to draw rectangle around the field to give it what appears to be a visible, simple rectangle border.

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                I guess I could also use a drop-down menu instead. Not really sure what the difference is but it seems to clear up the drop shadow issue. What is the difference in functionality?

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                  Drop down lists permit you to enter data directly into the field by typing in addition to selecting a value from the list with your mouse.

                  With some value lists, you can have two columns of data in the list (Typically an ID number in column 1 and a name in column 2), and you can hide the first column of data from view. In those cases, a popup menu will show the value from the second column when you exit the field, but the drop down list will show the value from the first column.

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                    Thanks Phil